Bruno, from Lithuania,
graduated from the
Lithuanian Conservatory of
Music.  He plays the
accordion, keyboard and
sings in 5 languages.  He
picked up the German
tunes and language while
playing Moselle River for 8
years.  Bruno came in 3rd
in the 1994 World
Competition of accordion
players in Italy.
Karlheintz, from Kaiserslautern,
Germany, took piano lessons for
4 years, but switched to lead
guitar during the rock-era of the
50's.  He has been working for
Chef Klaus, on and off, since
1982 and was one of the original
musicians at the newly opened
"Bier Stube" on Kansas Street in
1985, where he played through
1988.  He rejoined Chef Klaus
from 1989 to 1992 and again
from 1996 to 2000.
The tradition continued in 2003 when Karlheintz started at the new Bier
Stube with various partners until January 2006 when
Bruno and Karlheintz
teamed up for excellent entertainment with an international flair.